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Most healthcare attorneys have never stood in an Operating Room in scrubs, handed a newborn to new parents, or held traction on a trauma patient’s neck while they are cut from a motor vehicle.   Equally important they have never worked in a hospital, ASC or physician practice.  Their knowledge of Access, Medical Necessity, Electronic Medical Records, Billing, Compliance, Denials and a myriad of other healthcare details are limited to what they leaned in seminar.  

When selecting a healthcare attorney you should partner with one who is also a healthcare professional.  Someone who has not only worked and consulted in virtually every department and every healthcare setting but also someone who knows the underlying legal principles that drive our healthcare system.  Healthcare is not only complex and one of the most tightly regulated professions in the US, but extremely litigious as well. 

For 30 years Mr. Siddel has worked in the Healthcare Field.   His wide array of healthcare experience and depth of knowledge makes him unique as a healthcare attorney.  Clients and peers alike respect him for his comprehensive knowledge of state and federal healthcare laws and regulations as well as his keen ability to assist clients in maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Learn more about his background and we think you will agree.  Attorney Profile

Mr. Siddel strives to offer timely, focused and practical business advice to assist healthcare providers navigate the complex regulatory environment that impacts their bottom-line.

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Business Law practiced like an Entrepreneur

Mr. Siddel thinks like an Entrepreneur because he has been one since 1991 when he founded his first healthcare company.  He brings that same approach to the practice of law for other businesses.  Client problems are solved, not prolonged, after all it is all about getting you back to growing the business and improving the bottom-line. By acting with a sense of urgency we place the highest priority on minimizing the impact to your day-to-day business.  Often we begin work when a problem arises but don’t stop there, we provide you the information you need to prevent future issues.

Most important we are not looking to build a legal empire rather we want to be there and support your success.  Personalized attention and the ability to seek legal counsel with an experienced entrepreneur without worrying about paying for every word is our goal. 

Any business, whether healthcare related or engaged in another area, must regularly deal with legal issues related to corporate formation, employment matters, contracts, corporate compliance, and litigation. At Siddel Law we are capable of dealing with these transactional business issues while affording you personalized, effective representation.   Experienced Business leaders and Entrepreneurs know that when businesses fail to adhere to the formalities of operating a corporation they subsequently subject their owners to personal liability. Prevention is key in avoiding this outcome and we are here to assist you in ensuring such compliance.

The business environment is constantly changing and is so is the practice of law.  Avoid getting lost or overbilled in an oversized law firm or thinking you can only afford one size fits all legal solutions.  Whether forming a new corporation, deciding to review your existing corporation, or dealing with another legal matter involving your business, partner with Siddel Law to assist you with competent representation.

Mr. Siddel has Founded, CoFounded and managed numerous businesses during the last 21 years.  He has walked in your shoes and understands the highs and lows of being a business owner. Learn more about his background.  Attorney Profile

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