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Your Free Email Address Could be Very Costly to Your Business

Your cash flow is tight, and you’re looking to save money on your startup costs. Why not use a free email service (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo)? These services are great for email, easy to set up, and are full featured, … Continue reading

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Forget About the NSA, What Personal Data Does Your Phone Carrier Collect?

It is hard to find someone who wasn’t appalled when they learned of the large amounts of private data the government was collecting on all of us. Likewise, social media websites like Facebook have faced repeated controversy over their privacy … Continue reading

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Posting that Blog will cost you a lot of money. Online Images, blogging and Copyright Rules

Have you heard the familiar story of a casual blogger who knows that a blog always looks better with a photo? Not being a professional photographer, and not having a ton of money to pay for professional photos, she found … Continue reading

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Defend Yourself Against False Online Reviews (Part 2)

In Part 1 I discussed how fraudulent Internet and social media reviews could bring real harm to businesses and the actual financial losses these reviews can create. Generally, online defamation occurs when a person intentionally causes false information to be … Continue reading

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Are False Online Reviews Hurting Your Business? (Part 1)

Have negative Internet reviews convinced your guests to avoid your restaurant, hotel or other business? This two part series will guide you through what you need to know about negative reviews and protecting your business against those reviews.   A … Continue reading

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